About Me

Hello, I am SxDuchess a Sex Coach qualified in Psychosexual Therapy.

I believe in empowering women, men, and couples to remove their sexual inhibition, increase intimacy and improving their relationship.

As one of the leading black UK sex coaches, I am passionate about tackling religious and cultural barriers that prevent us from having a fulfilling sex life.  I have programmes to enable you to discover your sensual self, awaken your arousal, remove sexual limiting beliefs, and find your voice to demand what you want sexually.

I was in a loving marriage where we had our ups and downs like any couple, but we argued a lot about one thing – SEX!  I couldn’t understand why this was happening because I was giving as much as I could between work, taking care of the home, being a mum, going to church and being a wife.

I was always defensive, saying that he wanted sex all the time, demanding that he be happy with what he has got. As you can imagine, things went from bad to worse and eventually we separated.

It didn’t occur to me that being a wife without sexual intimacy was not a complete and fulfilling marriage. However, I saw a therapist and Life Coach as I needed help to understand what had happened as I didn’t want to go through another painful experience of something I could rectify.

They enabled me to accept who I was as a woman, open my eyes to my fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs. They also gave me practical steps to change my mindset and move forward.  I realised that my relationship was devoid of intimacy. We were busy being parents, workers, and bill payers but not friends, lovers, partners and sharer of laughter, fears, and joy.

I realised that if I had these issues and I am quite sexually liberated, then I was sure that there were
others who were locked in that dark cloud of pain and confusion who need to open up to solve their pain.

I know and understand the pain it causes when you have no one to speak to, who understands your background and the reluctance to talk about sex without being called names, the fear to speak to your partner about past traumas, lack of experience or even trying a new position or introducing toys.

I'm now an unrepentant advocate of great sex in marriage, focusing on providing insight on how to remove your sexual barriers and improve intimacy. My purpose is to educate and offer insight on sexual matter specifically because there isn’t a lot of people willing to specialize in a subject that some consider being a taboo to discuss.

Scared of opening up about the pain in your sexual life?

Want someone to talk to about the boredom in the bedroom with your spouse?

Pained about the sexual issues you're currently going through that's bringing tears to your soul?

I'm your go-to coach so please get in touch.

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